Parr subsidiaries for a better service


We created as an online supply company for the specialized needs of our customers. Petroparr sells frequently used consumables for Fuel retailers at highly discounted prices. Car wash items and O/W/S items are listed, too. We will add any item requested by customers on a regular basis.

You need it, we will stock it for you!

Items are payable via creditcard or pre-approved PO




TN General Construction is our Subsidiary Transportation and Construction Company. TN General's Website contains all the information about past and future services for our customers. Customers have access to with a by us provided user id. record keeping ability has been expanded to record Oil Water Separator oil level readings for customers with nationwide locations. It also records underground storage tank (UST) leakage monitoring wells and cathodic protection systems for steel tanks. It alerts the customer if out of bounds conditions occur, which require s specific response. We monitor the system and maintain it.





Remote recordkeeping